With Applicable Intelligence

Accelerating Med-Tech Success

Finally, you are market ready. Time to success and positive cash-flow is now the goal. Your shareholders are expecting the best. And fast. We are here to help you make it happen.

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals with a seasoned and wide experience in the med-tech sector and with 3 key competencies that are aligned with your needs: 1) accelerating the adoption of innovative products across the world 2) selecting, engaging and managing distribution partners and 3) effective and efficient digitalisation of commerce.

What We Do

We help you accelerate your business effectively and efficiently, finalize or maximize your market readiness and presence and achieve the best of your brand power wherever you go. This is done in a facilitating way: we will not intermediate between you and the best partners we can find for you. Our business is not rewarded by how much you spend but by how much you sell.

Zorion Platform

Enable Effective and Efficient B2B Medical Device Commerce

Upscaling Programme

Fulfil Med-Tech Requirements with Network, Intelligence and Expertise

Brand Expansion

Move the World by Maximizing Brand Value of Medical Products

Strategic Partners

Solid partnerships worldwide covering Med-Tech association, distribution network, clinical platform, legal services and more